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We aim to make it straightforward for private tutors (like you!) to obtain local students. If you want to see how you'll be presented, check out our current listings in Auckland and Melbourne.

We're a marketplace for local, independent tutors

As far as self-employment goes, tutoring offers incredible flexibility in its work hours, and pays quite well once you've built a reputation. It’s a perfect job option for university students and teachers looking to supplement their income, and of course it's very rewarding to help students reach that 'eureka!' moment.

We're focused more on in-person tuition, as opposed to online tutoring – most tutors meet their students at the client's home, or at a local café or library.

Free to list, set your own rate

Offer whatever subjects you feel comfortable tutoring – at the high school level, university level, or perhaps you're interested in helping people learn a new language.

Whatever you offer, finding tutoring jobs in your city can be a little tough, as word-of-mouth takes time to spread. Tutorly acts as a focal point for local students looking to find tutors such as yourself. List on our site and you’ll instantly be advertised, free of charge, to students in your area. You set your own rate, tutor as much or as little as you want.

Furthermore, we often receive direct requests from clients for tutoring, which we will contact you for if we think you're a good fit.

As part of our service, we’ll help you craft your profile so you’re professionally presented. As your reputation grows through student ratings & reviews, so can your earnings – especially if you start running group tutorials.

Get paid directly via debit or credit card, no commission

You’ll log tutorials and invoice your students using our simple admin system, and they'll pay you directly. You control when to send a bill – it's common to do so after a few lessons with a student, but in advance is also fine.

We use PayPal to process debit & credit card payments from students, and will collect our additional service fee automatically (the student pays this service fee, not you). All payments from students go directly to your PayPal account (free to set up if you don't already have one) – no waiting for fortnightly or monthly payouts!

Each time a student pays a bill they'll be invited to leave a rating or review – you'll also accumulate the associated tutoring hours to better indicate your experience to the public.

The only fees you’ll pay are PayPal's payment transaction fees, which vary by country (see the examples below).

Worked example – Australia

You set your rate at $40/hour, and bill a student for 4 hours of tutoring:

  • Subtotal you charge = $160
  • + Tutorly's service fee (10%) = $16
  • Total student pays = $176
  • Less:
  • PayPal commission (2.6%) = -$4.58
  • PayPal transaction charge = -$0.30
  • Tutorly's service fee = -$16
  • Total you receive = $155.12 (effectively $38.78/hour)

Worked example – New Zealand

You set your rate at $40/hour, and bill a student for 4 hours of tutoring:

  • Subtotal you charge = $160
  • + Tutorly's service fee (10%) = $16
  • Total student pays = $176
  • Less:
  • PayPal commission (3.4%) = -$5.98
  • PayPal transaction charge = -$0.45
  • Tutorly's service fee = -$16
  • Total you receive = $153.57 (effectively $38.39/hour)

Depending on your country, PayPal may also charge a withdrawal fee on withdrawals from your PayPal balance to your bank account. In Australia, PayPal does not charge a withdrawal fee. In New Zealand, PayPal charges a withdrawal fee of $1 for withdrawals less than $150 (free if $150 or more is withdrawn).

Do I need a background check?

If you want to tutor children, be aware that in some states/countries a background check is compulsory. For example, background checks are compulsory in Australia (e.g. see 'Working with Children Check', Victoria). In New Zealand, a background check is not compulsory (see Ministry of Justice, New Zealand).

Check with your local authority as to whether or not you require a background check, and be sure to view our safety recommendations.

I want to tutor in Australia – do I need an ABN?

As you'll be self-employed, it's recommended that you obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you don't have one, it's free to apply for an ABN online at the Australian Business Register – to help you out, we've put together an ABN application guide. For more info on ABNs, a good resource is Taxpayers Australia.

If I use Tutorly, can I still advertise myself on other websites, or work for a tutoring agency?

Absolutely! For a lot of people, tutoring isn’t a long-term career. You may be a university student or full-time teacher wanting extra income, or simply looking to support yourself while you explore other career options. It makes sense to maximise your reach to potential students in the shortest space of time possible.

We hope that we can provide you with sufficient student enquiries at a great hourly rate – plus it doesn't cost you anything to list with us. Do bear in mind that, if you work for an agency, they’ll usually pocket up to 50% of what they charge you out at.

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Head to our tutor registration page to get started. Once registered, you’ll have access to tutoring tips & strategies written by current tutors to help you get underway. And the Tutorly team is always there to help!

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