About Tutorly

In 2014, Dr Ollie Crush, scientist, moved to Auckland from his research job at Imperial College London. While exploring a few new business ideas, Ollie took to tutoring biology, physics & chemistry to help pay the bills.

He found the experience of finding clients to be pretty antiquated, and heard from parents and students that they were equally frustrated when trying to find a suitable tutor.

So Ollie decided to try to offer something better – in late 2015, Tutorly was born.

Tutorly acts as an online marketplace to connect parents and students with local private tutors in Australia & New Zealand. Simple and intuitive to use, it also makes it straightforward for tutors to build a reputation in their neighbourhood. The company is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you’d like assistance or advice on anything related to supplementary education, please don't hesititate to get in touch.


Press release: Tutorly launches

January 2016 – “In this world of Uber & Airbnb, people expect to get the service they’re after within a few clicks”, says Ollie Crush, Tutorly’s founder. “But in New Zealand and Australia, finding a tutor is still a frustrating experience. Antiquated bulletin boards and agencies are relied on, with simple things like ratings and reviews of a tutor’s previous work being pretty much non-existent.”

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