Service Fees

Contacting a tutor on our site doesn't cost you anything, and we don't ask for any credit card details – we want to make it as simple and quick as possible for you to find a tutor!

Once you've started with a tutor, we ask you to consider supporting the site, by using our payment facility! While this is optional, it helps us keep the standard of tutors on the site high, by allowing you to rate and review your tutors. It also helps us keep the lights on, by way of a small service fee!

Service fee paid by students

The service fee is currently 10% of the subtotal of each invoice. The subtotal is the amount your tutor charges you before the service fee has been added. Don't worry, this is much lower than anything a traditional tutoring agency would charge you, and a much better deal for your tutor too!


You hire a tutor for $40 per hour to give a 1 hour lesson each week for a school term (8 weeks). The total invoice your tutor sends you will be for $40 x 8 hours:

  • Subtotal = $320
  • + service fee (10%) = $32
  • Total to pay = $352 (effectively $44/hour)

Your tutor will email bills to you directly, and you can pay by credit or debit card at no extra cost.

This service fee is the lifeblood of Tutorly, allowing us to maintain the quality of tutor listings and provide phone support for any questions you may have or advice you may need.

When you pay a bill that a tutor has emailed to you, the service fee portion is automatically transferred to us by the tutor. If a tutor refunds you within 60 days of payment being made, the respective service fee will also be refunded to you.

Please consider giving back to our tutoring community by using our payment services!

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