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A Great Part-Time Job.

If you're a University student in Melbourne or Auckland, being a private tutor is an attractive job option while you study. It’s flexible in its hours, relatively high paying, and parents love hiring an undergrad to help their teenager out with high school subjects – you'll empathise well due to being in the same situation a few years earlier.

If you have a passion for learning and helping others, you're in the right place.


We’ve made it as easy as possible for students (or parents) to find and contact you. No sign-ups, no pre-payments, no maze of clicks. Just one direct message to you that contains all the info needed to make a quick decision.

After you're contacted by a student, communicate how you wish – by phone is fine!

You're in Control.

Whether it’s a couple of lessons a week, or intensive holiday sessions, set your hourly rate and tutor as much or as little as you’d like. You'll send bills to students (in advance or arrears) using our simple admin system, and they'll pay you directly by credit or debit card (via PayPal).

Our system aims to fit in with whatever way you work best.

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Group Classes.

As well as one-to-one tutoring, you’re able to advertise group tutorials to students in your city. These are a time-efficient way of boosting your overall earnings, and are perfect for when you’re in high demand.

Group sessions are excellent for holiday classes and during the lead up to exams.