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We can find the best tutor for you

Based on your criteria, we’ll create a shortlist of suitable local tutors and communicate with them on your behalf. We’ll then recommended to you an available tutor that we think will be a good fit (we may sometimes recommend two or three tutor options).

Our one-off fee for this service is currently $60. You'll only be charged once you're happy with a tutor we've recommended – if you're not satisfied, you won't have to pay.

Call us to get started, or if you'd rather, fill out our enquiry form.

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Shama, Endeavour Hills

My son was really behind in VCE Further Maths, but thanks to the rapport and teaching tactics of our tutor Matthew, he’s now up to date. Not only that, he now has the confidence to aim for a high mark. It’s incredible! Coming across Tutorly was a godsend – it’s straightforward, fast and simple. Other agencies were taking ages to get back to me, it was so difficult. Not any more!

Image of a satisfied premium service customer.

Trish, Mt Eden

I was hunting for a private tutor to help my son prepare for his IGCSE Biology exam – he really needed someone that could give him the confidence to apply himself. I contacted Ollie, who quickly found me an experienced tutor (Josh) who was available. My son was going to drop Biology next year, but given how Josh rekindled his interest, he may now continue with it!

Image of a satisfied premium service customer.

Lynne, Remuera

It was a week before my son's NCEA-3 English externals, and I was desperate for a tutor to improve his essay writing skills. I spoke with other agencies and there was no comparison, Tutorly’s personal service outshone them all. They quickly found Johann for me – he truly was one in a million. My son now admits that a tutor completely changes things for the better. If we had started earlier, things would have been a lot less stressful.

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Mark, Botany

Three days before his NCEA-1 Maths and Science externals, my son needed a confidence boost at the eleventh hour. My wife and I were in a bit of a panic – I rang Tutorly and within a few hours they'd found us a tutor who could come to our home at the last minute. Trust & reliability is very important to me, and Tutorly’s level of service is genuine.

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Katarina, Te Atatu

I was looking for help with a Nutritional Biochemistry paper, and it seemed 100% impossible to find someone – I spent so much time searching without success. When Ollie let me know he’d found a tutor to help me (a qualified Dietician!), I couldn’t believe my luck! My tutor brought clarity to the big picture of metabolism and taught me not to stress over the small details. My mind was really put at rest. I’d definitely recommend this tutor finding service!

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