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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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    English (all levels), Maths (general, methods, specialist), Legal Studies, Economics, Chemistry

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  • Location: Glen Waverley (Can travel)
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  • Can Speak: English, Hindi

My Experience

Having completed VCE in 2021 means that although I don't have prior experience with professional tutoring, I do instead have an insightful and deep understanding of the current VCE system. This spans from elusive examiner expectations to confusing mark allocations, both of which help students grasp what exactly is expected of them

How I'd Tutor You

I understand why humans are also called individuals. We have our own abilities, thought processes, and ambitions. By connecting and establishing rapport with my students, I can use my contemporary knowledge of the VCE system to navigate my way around tailoring learning and lesson objectives to a student's specific needs. Until the idea of uniqueness is appreciated, a student cannot be well looked after. That is, I'd couple an understanding of what my student needs most, with my informed take

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