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  • Education: Commerce and IT at Monash University
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My Experience

I greatly enjoyed my experience with VCE English and found that a strong foundation developed throughout the year was vital in acing the subject. In 2021 I tutored over 50 students and greatly enjoyed teaching them the tips and tricks of VCE English.

How I'd Tutor You

✔Extensive Knowledge of the VCE English Curriculum ✔Essential Advice and tips that can ultimately help boost your study score ✔A systematic, easily understandable approach to English ✔My friendly, supportive attitude What I require from you? All I ask as a tutor is that you are willing to try your absolute best and in return I will put in all my effort to give you the best chance to succeed and give you all the resources to do well!

A little bit more about me

Hobbies and Interests: Tennis, Cycling, Volunteering, Reading, Netflix, Gaming, Coding, Formula 1, Gym