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My Experience

Hi! I'm Aaryan, a recent graduate of The Ponds High School, and a former student of Penrith Selective High School. I am experienced in general high school tuition and selective school preparation. I am expanding my tutoring to HSC subjects, namely (Advanced or Standard) English and Maths, Physics, and Engineering Studies. I am adept especially at English (ranked 7/73) , Physics (100% assessment), and Engineering Studies (First in trial),

How I'd Tutor You

A lot of students don't answer questions because they're afraid they'll answer wrong. I want to totally expel that feeling from you. I want you to feel warm and welcomed in our sessions, and I want to make you confident in answering whatever appears on your test paper. I will be your headlights through the dark fog that is the syllabus.I will not simply dump a load of information on you, I will embrace your learning style, and expand your understanding of HOW YOU LEARN bit by bit

A little bit more about me

I'm currently studying a Bachelor Of Psychology at MQU, but am hoping to achieve a postgrad medical degree for a position as a psychiatrist. I love science and its really long words and its cool looking formulae, but also just music and video games