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    Maths, Bio, Chemistry, Physics, English, UCAT, SATs

  • Education: University of Sydney Double Degree Medicine Student view
  • Location: Waverly (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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  • Can Speak: English (primary), Mandarin

My Experience

I've tutored for the past 3 years with 100+ hrs of experience. I obtained a 99.95 ATAR, having achieved 5 A*s in Maths, Chem, Bio, Physics, and English Literature in A-level. I can offer quality tutoring in Maths (incl. ext), Bio, Chem, Physics and Lit for HSC and IB. In addition, I've won a Silver medal in the 2019 International Biology Olympiad • 97 percentile UCAT • 1590 SAT • 800 in SAT II Bio-M, Chem, & Math II

How I'd Tutor You

A typical subject lesson begins with me reviewing homework while the student goes through a prepared quiz or reading material. Each lesson will cover certain learning outcomes which will be derived from the relevant syllabus, and I will provide helpful notes at the end for revision as well. My tutoring style prioritises interaction, comprehension, and appreciation of the topic over rote memorisation and lecturing the student. UCAT and SAT tutoring will be more direct and fast-paced.

A little bit more about me

In highschool I enjoyed music, such that I played violin and sang in the school orchestra and choir. I was also a debate and badminton captain, leadership roles I had alongside my prefect duties. One activity I was especially fond of was Duke of Ed.