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    Maths and Chemistry

  • Education: 2019 ATAR of 99.50, Bachelor of Philosophy majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UWA
  • Location: Ellenbrook,Perth (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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My Experience

Hi! I'm Shanae, and I graduated from Perth Modern School in 2019 with an ATAR of 99.50. I think that the most effective tutoring comes with accommodating to each person's unique learning style. I will be tutoring primary school maths, as well as high school maths and Maths Methods ATAR and Chemistry ATAR! Please feel free to contact me, I'm also more than willing to have a chat about study techniques and help with high school in general :)

How I'd Tutor You

My teaching style begins with ensuring that I understand what my student's goals are, and what study style they adopt. I make an outline and a study plan for my students to follow, to track progress and encourage accountability. I also communicate effectively and professionally with both parents and students to ensure that all parties are able to feel confident and that communication is upheld.

A little bit more about me

As well as attending school I was also homeschooled for a few years, so I have a lot of advice on how to boost effectiveness while studying at home, as everybody is right now!