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    VCE English

  • Education: High School, Bachelor of Arts (Unimelb)
  • Location: Melbourne (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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My Experience

I’m Philip and I graduated from Melbourne High School in 2018, achieving a study score of 49 in VCE English which was the highest in the MHS 2018 cohort. In 2018, I tutored two of my classmates in VCE English and helped them achieve study scores of 44 and 48 respectively. In 2019, 11 out of my 13 VCE English students achieved an average mark of A+ for their SACs, 8 students received study scores of 40 or above, and 3 students achieved 45 or above.

How I'd Tutor You

I offer dedicated tutoring that enables you to gain an abundance of unique insights and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ when analysing texts, which is an essential skill for any high achieving English student. VCE English can be a very head-scratching subject for many as we’re often told by our teachers to show ‘deeper analysis’ without actually being told ‘how’. I specialise in guiding you through the ‘step by step’ process of constructing insightful analysis.

A little bit more about me

I give priority spots to year 12 and year 11 students studying VCE English. I’m more than happy to read practice essays and provide detailed feedback via email even after sessions. I can also speak fluent Mandarin.