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My Experience

I am currently teaching at an Auckland secondary school, with 6 years of private tutoring experience. My students have all achieved great things in their own ways, be it scholarship from UoA and Otago, A* grades in their A-levels, or improvement from a D grade to B by the end of the year.

How I'd Tutor You

I define a successful lesson as one in which you, the student: 1) have a better understanding of the concepts and ideas 2) develop a genuine interest in chemistry and science 3) practice specifically for how you will be tested. As such, my lessons are planned with this in mind. Chemistry is a beautiful discipline and I want to convince you of that. It is my belief that the biggest factor in your success if how interested you are in the subject; and I can guarantee you will become interested.

A little bit more about me

I specialize in organic and green chemistry. My current research project is the total synthesis of a natural product from biomass waste products; essentially converting prawn shells into an inhibitor of RNA synthesis found in starfish.