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  • Education: Interpreting & Translating at RMIT
  • Location: Southbank (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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My Experience

I've been with multiple language training providers and have taught a group of students at Swinburne University for their government-sponsored program that involves a trip to Korea. I've been fortunate to come across students of all walks of life in the last three years, served them as a cultural bridge, and got to know who I call friends along the way.

How I'd Tutor You

If you're an absolute beginner, I will guide you through obstacles to mastering the sounds of Korean. Once you can pronounce with confidence so as to be clearly understood by natives, I will move on to building your vocabulary made of most frequently spoken 625 words. Once you're equipped with essential words to express yourself with, you're now in for studying the anatomy of a language: grammar. When you become fluent enough, I'll drop English and speak Korean during tutorials.

A little bit more about me

Hello, my name is Myeonghoon Sun. With a fundamental understanding of Korean and English, my tutoring journey started with teaching Korean high school students English. Likewise, I’ve helped many Australian locals grasp the idiosyncrasies of Korean.