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    French, Maths, Science subjects (Phy, Chem, Bio)

  • Education: Bachelor's of Biomedical Degree (Honours), Monash University view
  • Location: Clayton (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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  • Background Check: yes, I have one (available on request)
  • Can Speak: French, English

My Experience

French is my mother tongue, and I have been attending classes by L'Alliance Francaise since primary level to improve my French level. I've topped some exams and French spelling (ortographaphe) competitions, which means I can also help you write top-level French as well as speaking French! Maths is also one of my favorite subjects, and I achieved near perfect grades in A-level Mathematics by Cambridge, which covers close to 90% of all topics in VCE maths methods.

How I'd Tutor You

My teaching style is quite flexible depending on different students; most of the time I use witty or relatable analogies to help understand a difficult topic, such as integration by parts or trigos! Then, I will make you work through some examples to reinforce my explanations, because I believe actively doing something provides more benefits better than just listening to hours of explanation.

A little bit more about me

~ I'm a very avid board game player and a passionate book reader! I'm personally very much into personal finance, business and motivational books and whatever helps me get super rich ;)