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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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    English, IELTS, Bahasa Indonesia

  • Education: Bachelor of Communications view
  • Location: West Melbourne (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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    if unsatisfied, there's no charge view
  • Background Check: no, I don't have one
  • Can Speak: English, Indonesian, Korean (70%), mandarin (50%), Japanese (25%)

My Experience

I have experience in tutoring junior high school students a few years back, also a few primary classes in schools while in Indonesia. And I am still in touch with some of them!

How I'd Tutor You

It really depends on what you feel is the best way to learn, it can be through chats, a call or video call, and if covid ends then we can do face-to-face too.

A little bit more about me

Aside from being a language maniac, I love creating engaging content especially about food! ( yes I'm a foodie) But really, I'm all about being friendly so don't worry, I don't bite! I'm just really excited to starting this journey1 :)