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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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    UoA Engsci 111/211/ 311/313 Maths108 /208/102/340 AUT engineering calculus . Ranged from $55--$160

  • Education: University of auckland
  • Location: AklCbd/ Pukekohe (Can travel)
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    if unsatisfied, there's no charge view
  • Background Check: no, I don't have one
  • Can Speak: English/Mandarin/Hokkien

My Experience

University of auckland 2020 Second Semester ---> Present. Maths 208 ( four semesters ) Maths 108 (two semesters) Engsci 211 (one semester) Engsci 111 (two semesters) Maths 120 ( one semester) Maths 102 (two semesters) Maths 91F (one semester) Engsci 311 (one semester) ----National Taiwan University Calculus1 (one semester) LinearAlgebra(one semester) --Open Polytechnic-- MG5004 engineering calculus( one semester)

How I'd Tutor You

Going through lots of examples from past year exams /tutorials/marked problems/past year tests and quizes from first week of the semester. I normally give homeworks too on the weekly basis to avoid any last minute exam panics.5-6 hours would be ideal if you are not so strong on calculus.

A little bit more about me

Private University of Auckland cal/engineering calculus tutor since 2020 second semester til present, it is so fun and lucky to do what i truly enjoy as a job to the extend that IC building UoA has almost become my 2nd home,thank you so much guys.