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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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    English, ESOL, History, Biology, etc

  • Education: BA in Art History + Linguistics from UoA view
  • Location: Auckland City (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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    if unsatisfied, there's no charge view
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My Experience

I've been tutoring high school students since 2018 with Tutoring For Excellence, and I've volunteered as an ESOL tutor for English Language Partners, who work with refugees and migrants - so if you want some ESOL help, I got you covered. I am most familiar with NCEA but I have taught for Cambridge as well. I can help with (Scholarship) English, (Scholarship) Art History, History, Science (Biology in particular), and undergrad Linguistics + Art History + English.

How I'd Tutor You

Everyone's learning styles differ. I try to identify any particular hurdles you're having with the subject and the learning environment/methods you're most comfortable with, and tailor accordingly. I believe the best pedagogy is student-led, and, most importantly, fun. I usually create notes with my students on a Google Doc during the lesson which I then share with them afterwards.

A little bit more about me

Currently working towards my phD in Dad Jokes.