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    Mandarin, English, IELTS, PTE, Translation

  • Education: PhD in Chinese Linguistics
  • Location: Melbourne CBD (Can travel)
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My Experience

Hi everyone! 你想学中文吗? If you’re looking for Mandarin lessons, then you’ve found the right person! I have years of experience teaching Chinese (beginner, intermediate, advanced, translation) at university level, VCE tutoring and teaching private students. I’m a PhD researcher in Chinese linguistics – so you’ll rarely hear me say “that’s just the way we say it, I’m not really sure why”! Winner of teaching awards; consistent, exceptionally high student feedback rating.

How I'd Tutor You

I have an engaging, lively approach to teaching and aim to give students versatility and expressive range in Chinese. I provide my students with a deeper understanding of how the Chinese language works in a straight-forward and fun way, allowing them to put together phrases and sentences beyond what they hear or see in textbooks – rote learning is kept to a minimum! Of course, we focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, culture and more!

A little bit more about me

I love languages and am always learning bits and bobs of other languages. I love learning and love to make my students love learning too! I'm also a musician and a Python programmer, so always doing something interesting!