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  • Speciality:

    VCE English Language

  • Education: BA in Linguistics and Japanese (University of Melbourne) MA in Teaching (ACU)
  • Location: Parkville (Online only due to COVID-19 pandemic)
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  • Background Check: yes, I have one (available on request)
  • Can Speak: English, Japanese, French, Spanish

My Experience

I am a current VCE English Language teacher (Year 11 and 12), with over 3 years experience teaching. My other methods include VCE English, Japanese, French and EAL. I have a BA in Linguistics and Japanese from the University of Melbourne as well as a MA in Teaching at ACU with specialisations in Languages and TESOL. I have an N2 qualification in the JLPT (Japanese) and a B2 qualification in the DELF (French)

How I'd Tutor You

I have a deep and thorough understanding of the requirements of the VCE English Language, so I can explain areas of confusion, as well as offer helpful hints for maximising SAC/exam scores. I can teach you how to accurately answer Short Answer Question responses, how to write an exemplary Analytical Commentary or how to study for and write a Part C Essay. I can mark your responses against official rubrics and offer targeted feedback to improve your scores.

A little bit more about me

I have a keen interest in linguistics and foreign language learning myself, and have studied Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese at a university level. As a result, I have many tips for study ‘hacks’ and methods that I can show you!