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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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  • Education: VCE - Year 12 currently
  • Location: Mitcham (can travel to you)
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  • Can Speak: English and a little bit of French

My Experience

Although I have never previously tutored before, I am a high achiever in English's. I study both English language and literature this year and average 80's.

How I'd Tutor You

The first thing I would do with a student is determine how they work best by asking them questions, for example if they are a visual learner. Specifically, for the purpose of helping them achieve the most in the session. I would then ask the student the areas they are strong in and what they would like to improve in. For the first few sessions I would help them strengthen their weaker areas in the subject to increase their confidence, which will in turn lead to better scores.

A little bit more about me

I believe I am a very bubbly person who is always excited to engage with new people. I love helping others in areas that I find easy and believe that being a tutor would be perfect for me.