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    New Zealand Sign Language Tutor/Teacher

  • Education: Certificate in Deaf Studies and NZSL (Victoria University of Wellington) view
  • Location: West Harbour (does not travel)
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  • Can Speak: NZSL, English (written), American Sign Lang and Russian Sign Lang.

My Experience

I have been teaching NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) over 15 years now and I have a passion in teaching this beautiful and vibrant language. I have qualification in Deaf Studies and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) from Victoria University of Wellington. Many of my NZSL students find me easy and enjoyable to learn NZSL together. I have great passion in teaching NZSL. I use NZSL everyday with my non-Deaf children and my Deaf husband. I LOVE NZSL!

How I'd Tutor You

I'm sensitive to students learning needs and I'm fluent in 5 languages so I can believe that you will have an enjoyable learning experience. I am Deaf and obviously, sign language is my first language. As you learn NZSL, you will learn to see and think differently. NZSL is dynamic, exciting and fun to learn. You will receive information pack at every tutorials i.e. fingerspelling card, vocab sheet (signs) to remember, grammar handouts to take home to read as well learn NZSL online.

A little bit more about me

Currently, I am facilitating NZSL courses for over 230 students who come and learn each week. NZSL is becoming a popular language for school students as well for adults learning at the workplace. NZSL is now one of official languages here in NZ.