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    VCE Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Programming

  • Education: Studying Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics at Monash
  • Location: Rowville (can travel to you)
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My Experience

I've previously tutored many students in Chemistry, Maths, and Physics and am no stranger to the curriculum and stress of VCE. I find that my current studies in Maths gives me a great ability to explain in better detail how to apply the skills that are learnt in the classroom to assignments and exams.

How I'd Tutor You

I generally begin a lesson by reviewing any questions or assignments that a student has acquired since a previous lesson. Moving past that I spend most of my time during a lesson going over any work that a student has from the week, including homework. I find this to be an efficient use of time because it allows me to explain the core concepts about the unit as well as how to solve problems that are part of the course. I'm mostly very fluid in my lesson and adjust to how a student learns.

A little bit more about me

I do a lot of programming and software development in my spare time and have a general passion for all things technical and electronic. I'm currently the Student Ambassador for Google at Monash, and the Education Officer for the IT Society.