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My Experience

I taught Chemistry for two semesters at the university level.Through fantastic teachers I have had in my own life, I learned unique and proven teaching methods that I apply to all of the students I tutor. I am extremely qualified as a tutor, having years of experience tutoring in both formal and informal settings, and graduating both high school and college at the very top of my class.

How I'd Tutor You

I believe that the most important task of an instructor is to stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm in studying Chemistry. I always use examples closely related to students’ daily life to illustrate theories, such as textbook, dormitory.Sometimes I use myself as an example.I always recognize students’ perspectives during my teaching. When I prepare material for the next class,I spend some time recalling how I studied this material when I was a student, which part I struggled through, and w

A little bit more about me

I enjoy traveling, cooking and spending quality time with family and friends.