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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
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    Maths and Statistics

  • Education: Bachelor of Science. Continuing postgraduate study at The University of Auckland
  • Location: Sandringham (can travel to you)
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  • Can Speak: English

My Experience

I have tutored the following High School courses: NCEA Level 3 Calculus, NCEA Level 3 Statistics, NCEA Level 2 Maths, Cambridge AS Maths. I have also tutored the following University of Auckland courses: Maths 208, Maths 108, Maths 102. One student in particular springs to mind. He was home schooled, highly autistic and almost never spoke to me. Despite being a big challenge to tutor, he ended up getting Merits in all his Level 3 Calculus and Statistics papers and that made me immensely proud.

How I'd Tutor You

I aim to focus immediately on a student's weak points. I believe strongly in quote "you're only as strong as your weakest link". Once we've found out what areas are the most challenging, I put a plan together to focus on those areas, in an order that is most logical. This often involves going back to basics when required in order to move forward. Rather than simply going through the whole syllabus, I aim to avoid wasting a student's time by not going over things they are already confident with.

A little bit more about me

I am a National medalist in competitive swimming and also enjoy playing and teaching the piano in my spare time. I have a Diploma in Piano performance from Trinity College London.