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Richard III, 22nd Aug 1485
  • Speciality:

    Biology, Physiology, Human Science, Nutrition, VCE Science

  • Education: VCE (Carey Grammar), BSc (Biomedical Science) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (now)
  • Location: Richmond (can travel to you)
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  • Background Check: yes, I have one (available on request)
  • Can Speak: English and French

My Experience

I am currently studying Veterinary Medicine! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) a year ago. I also undertook a concurrent Cert IV in Pathology which I completed in 2013. During my undergrad I worked as a PASS mentor. Every week I would have to design and teach a tutorial class for 1st year Human Physiology students. I would also have weekly training sessions, which is where I learnt many tutoring and teaching skills. Since then I have tutored many students!

How I'd Tutor You

I'm all about tailoring my teaching skills to your learning style. I think that learning occurs differently for different people so I have to be flexible! I really like the PASS mentoring system, which involves less spoon feeding and more active learning. I will always be there to guide you, however I won't just tell you the answer. I try and structure my sessions around one or two topics. I'll ask you to tell me where you are having the most difficulty and that's what we'll focus on to start.

A little bit more about me

I was born in France and came to Australia at a young age. I have travelled extensively and love learning about new and exciting cultures. I love animals, which makes sense considering I'm studying to be a Vet. I also really enjoy teaching!